NeighborWorks® Community Partners Community Partners is devoted to providing superior quality services by meeting your unique needs. No matter where you are in your home-ownership journey, our expertly trained staff can help guide you through the process to achieve your end-goal.

Our Impact Over the Last Year

The impact of our organization goes beyond immediate assistance or short-term solutions. Our collaborative is able to collectively meet your individual needs for homeownership education and lending programs, home improvement and rehab support, and energy efficiency, across Western NY.

Homeowners Created

Energy Audits

Homebuyer Ed Graduates

$ In Loans Provided

Customer Feedback

“It was nice because I didn’t feel like I was part of a transaction; this is a relationship, be it an individual or a group of people that you can work with to better yourself or your situation…”

-Daniel C.

“I am so relieved; my utility bill is a third of what it used to be, because of the improvements made. I no longer have to turn to HEAP to get through the winter. My house is new to me. NeighborWorks® made me feel accomplished.”

-Nereida M.